Van 60' Capsule Holder

New product

An original and stylish creation for all lovers of coffee and vintage cars !

With its sleek van-shaped design from the 1960s, this Nespresso® coffee capsule holder will bring a color of escape and roadtrip to all your moments of relaxation. Made from a poplar wood panel, each capsule holder is different and painted one by one for an artisanal quality

35,00 €

  • ManufacturingArtisanale
    Capacity37 capsules Nespresso®
    Thickness5 mm
    Height40 cm
    Width40 cm
    Weight210 g
    Finishing touchPeinture à effet métal
    MaterialBois - Peuplier
    Place of design and manufactureFrance
    CopyrightModèle déposé

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